1. Senior Software Engineer @ Truework

    Aug '22 - Present Chicago, IL

    • Spearheading the Truework Direct product, a web widget experience that enables seamless verification experiences, contributing to the overall growth and success of the company.

  2. Software Engineer @ Truework

    Feb '22 - Aug '22 Chicago, IL

    • Led the development and launch of the biggest overhaul to the request submission flow, resulting in a 40% increase in request submissions and a 30% increase in revenue.

    • Playing a key role in aligning all frontend codebases at Truework, ensuring consistency and maintainability across the organization, and helping in recruiting and hiring top talent for the team.

  3. Learning Assistant @ Trilogy Education Services

    Oct '20 - Sep '22 Naperville, IL

    • Responsible for teaching, helping, and guiding Bootcamp students with their coding questions, assignments, and projects.

    • Awarded the top-performing LA for the past 3 quarters.

  4. Software Engineer @ Egen Solutions

    Sep '20 - Jan '22 Naperville, IL

    • Contributed to critical projects, including a proprietary application for next-gen cancer research and the digitization of paper records.

    • Led a small team in a digitization project that streamlined paper records, ensuring timely delivery and efficient execution.

    • Core contributor in developing a system that processed 1% of all Covid-19 tests performed in the US at the height of the pandemic

  5. Software Engineer Intern @ Solstice

    May '19 - Aug '19 Cambridge, MA

  6. Software Engineer Intern @ Retail Business Services

    Jan '19 - May '19 Mooresville, NC

  7. Graduate Research Assistant @ Department of Computer Science, RIT

    May '18 - Aug '18 Rochester, NY

    • Worked on MLton, an open-source, whole program, optimizing Standard ML compiler funded by the National Science Foundation.

    • Wrote a parser for one of the intermediate representations of the MLton compiler. Also, I did some work on optimizing specific parts of the compiler.

  8. Software Engineer Intern @ Department of Public Safety, RIT

    Mar '18 - Jun '20 Rochester, NY

  9. MS in Computer Science @ Rochester Institute of Technology

    Aug '17 - Aug '20 Rochester, NY

    • Graduated with a Master's degree in Computer Science

    • Completed rigorous courses in Computer Graphics and Compiler Design, achieving a solid foundation in these specialized areas of computer science.

    • Nominated for the Outstanding International Student of the Year award in 2020, highlighting dedication and excellence within the RIT community.

  10. Freelance Developer @ Self Employed

    May '16 - Jul '17 Ahmedabad, India

  11. Software Engineer Intern @ Tata Consultancy Services

    Jan '16 - May '16 Gandhinagar, India

  12. B.Tech in Computer Engineering @ Ganpat University

    Jul '12 - May '16 Mehsana, Gujarat, India

    • Graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering